Starting my own Code Club

I've been working on getting a Code Club started in my local area. There was a huge gap in the local map on the Code Club website, which happened to be where I live in the north of Manchester, so with lots of organising with the libraries I finally started volunteering at the library helping kids create some cool stuff with code.

It wasn't very easy to learn code when I was growing up, not many of my peers understood it and most of the learning I did ended up being on my own, although I loved the learning, I can imagine it would have been more rewarding and fun if there were others around me that could. I wanted to give kids something that I never had access to. Code Club have the same values, they believe that all young people should have the opportunity to learn to code.

I'm hoping my club will grow over time and I can start doing some more advanced stuff with the kids, Code Club provides some great lessons to get on with and the library are being really supporting, providing help during the lesson and willing to purchase further equipment when the club starts growing.

You can find out more about Code Club and how you can get involved on the Code Club website